Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hilton Head Island

I got up early this morning and ran 3.4 miles to the Cross Island Parkway Bridge and back to the hotel, a total of 6.84 miles.  Surprisingly, there weren't a lot of runners out on the bike/pedestrian path.  The path is alongside the road, but parts are hidden by palm trees and bushes so you don't feel like you're on top of the traffic.  It's very pretty.  I wish there were these paths everywhere.

I used the Map My Run app again.  I made a "pit stop" and wasn't sure how to pause the activity.  I wound up recording two separate runs.  Annoying.  It's also a pain to stop and resume the app when taking pictures.  I decided it's good for assessing the mileage on new routes, but I won't be using it on my regular runs.  I want to just run without worrying about technology.
Interesting sign about the area

Reeeally interesting sign about the area

When I returned, the family rented bikes.  Pete had a trailer attached to his for the two little girls, Sana had her own bike, and Santos and I rode tandem.  We decided to get something to eat in the Sea Pines area at the end of the island.  We biked 10.66 miles total.  It was worth it.  The Salty Dog restaurant had fantastic fresh fish and the outdoor seating on the water was perfect with all the kids.  We also saw three alligators.  I was surprisingly calm.  


  1. No pictures of the alligators? (I too am usually too petrified to photograph the snakes who cross my path). I love running vicariously through you!!!

    1. Grazie, Cugina! I got a picture of one of the alligators. He was far away so he looked more like a newt.