Saturday, March 23, 2013


Even though we are in North Carolina, it is still only 39 degrees at 9am.  I only brought warm weather running clothes so off to the hotel dreadmill I went.  I'm not a big fan of the dreadmill, as you may have guessed by its nickname.  Usually,  gym dreadmills are facing blank walls or the televisions don't work.  It is essential to have a distraction because running in place for an extended period of time (which is more than five minutes) is about as exciting as watching paint dry.  That is kind of a lie.  Truth be told, the dreadmill earned its name because it is a hell of a lot harder to run on than running in the great outdoors.  Today's run at an 8:15 pace seemed to require twice as much effort than an 8:15 pace in my neighborhood.  Maybe the monotony plays a part, but I give people credit for being regular "dreaders".  I have heard of people doing their long twenty milers on them!  God bless.

The LifeCycle at this gym had a television attached to it that actually worked!  Nice surprise.  The family didn't really know what to do with themselves when I was at the gym, especially since the hotel pool was out of commission (sigh).  The kids took turns stalking visiting me, but a gym is not exactly an ideal playroom for toddlers.  Too many hazards.  After repeatedly correcting them and giving them the best evil eye I could muster while simultaneously trying to tempo run without being flung into the wall behind me, they finally got the hint and left me alone (for the last quarter mile).

5 miles in 41:19, an 8:15 pace.


  1. As usual, you made me laugh. I feel exactly the same way about treadmill running, although I do view fitness center machines more favorably than my Sole f63. It may be the change of venue, having better AV options, or that high end treadmills provide a more stable platform, but I do slightly better with hotel units. Sounds like quite a trip. We just finished our mini-vacation in New England. Exhausting.

    1. Schools and employers should add the post-vacation vacation to their calendars. Who can we write about that?

    2. Great idea. When's the next election year?