Friday, March 22, 2013

Sitting In A Car For Thirteen Hours With Four Kids Is...

...everything you imagine it to be and so much more!

Pete had to work all day yesterday so I didn't run. I figured I'd get it in today. Nope. We were up at 4:45am to start out first leg of our vacation. Four and a half hours to the Baltimore Aquarium.   Great place for kids. My son was in heaven.  Shark tanks are super cool.  We left Baltimore at 1pm and arrived in Southern Pines, North Carolina at 10pm.  No run, again. The good news is nobody abandoned ship at the first rest stop in sight (Not like that was even an option. Too many witnesses, obviously...).

I will now sleep for twenty-two hours, or until check out in the we can get back in the car to drive to Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston better be the next town over. Just sayin'.

I have to sneak a run in tomorrow morning.

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