Friday, March 15, 2013

New York?

3.95 miles at 7:15am in 30 degrees.  Nice and quiet at that hour.

I checked the NYC Marathon website today.  It looks like they will be having a lottery this year (yay).  The number will be smaller than years past because of the 2012 cancellation.  People registered for 2012 will have guaranteed entry in 2013 if they choose.  Also, the number of guaranteed qualifiers is down to 2,000 (boo).

This is what I'm thinking.  I will attempt to register for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) at noon on March 27.  I'm expecting this to sell out quickly.  I hope to make it.  I will also submit my application for the NYC Marathon lottery (again).  I don't expect to be chosen, of course.  If lightning strikes pigs, giving them the ability to fly, and simultaneously, my name is  picked in the lottery, I will run New York this year and defer MCM to 2014.  I know there are some people out there who think running two marathons in one week is a cake walk.  I am not one of them.  I think two marathons in one year is a big deal.  I know my limits.  I know I cannot run the MCM on October 27 and then enjoy NYC (enjoy being the key word) the following weekend.  If you noticed "NYC Marathon" in my blog title, you'll understand that when I run NYC, I want it to "count".  I don't want to limp or curse or die during the experience (Dying would be on the bottom of the list.  In fact, I wouldn't even put it on the list).

What will happen?

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  1. It's crazy that a race of 44K people still requires participants to go through a lottery process for the privilege of running your butt off for hours. I admire your drive and dedication to this goal. I'm not sure whether I'll ever want to run a full marathon. I'm even on the fence about doing another half this year and, instead, just focus on 10K's. I hope you get selected for the ING race. Maybe you can zoom into that crystal ball using Photoshop and see what the future holds : )