Tuesday, January 19, 2016

LIVE From Long Island!

3 things:

    1. I am officially a Certified Personal Trainer - Exercise Fitness Specialist after passing my nationally accredited Academy of Applied Personal Training exam. I will also be receiving my TRX certification at the end of the month and my Run Coach certification from the USATF. I might have an addiction to certifications or school or both.

    2. My coaching website is LIVE and coincidentally, from New York. Go to www.myroadfitness.com to be trained or entertained or preordained (not really). I promise you won't be pained (well, maybe a little. In fact, you may be pained reading this. Sorry).

    3. I am registered for Marathon #6, the Shipyard Maine Coast Marathon on Sunday, May 15. This is a small race with a cap of 1,000 runners. It is a rolling point-to-point race along the Atlantic coast. My good friend, Edison, will be running it, too. It will be his first and I will be his trainer. I will be following the Hanson Marathon Method again because I didn't like it the first time around. I loved it. Okay, love may be too strong a word. It was a good fit for me. Edison will be following a much more moderate plan. I don't think Hanson is the best plan for first timers who are not already experienced , accomplished runners.

Other news since we last rendezvoused: I'm up to 45 miles per week; I ran with a nice group from Life Time Athletic in Syosset one evening; I took a killer TRX class that my friend Jeanne taught at Forever Fit out east (Do not be fooled by her sweet disposition. Actually, she is truly sweet, she just happens to be a hardcore bad ass when it comes to working out, but that's exactly what I want in a trainer); and it's finally beginning to feel like winter on Long Island.

From our website photo shoot 
at SUNY Old Westbury.
Pictures courtesy of Hoan Nguyen
friend & photographer extraordinaire.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Year In Review

This year I got back in the game. 2014 was mostly disappointing as far as running was concerned. Even though I ran my favorite race ever (I'm talkin' 'bout you, Boston!), my times suffered. I was unmotivated and over trained by the time Patriot's Day came along. I spent the rest of that year running with no real goals other than just to run, which was both liberating and unsatisfying.

January of 2015 I ran my first race since the Brooklyn Half in May of 2014. I had signed up months earlier for the Sayville Run to the Brewery. I signed up only because it seemed like the thing to do at the time (Something I'll do again months later for the Army Ten Miler. Oops, again). This is an extremely popular ten mile race on Long Island that sells out in minutes. I think Freighbor reminded me the day of registration so I logged on and unexpectedly got in.  Fast forward to January and ta-da, race day arrived. I hadn't trained at all for the race and it turned out to be colder than Arendelle during one of Elsa's tantrums. Considering the circumstances, I was pleased with my result.

February, March, and April came and went, I ran in a lot of snow, over the Williamsburg Bridge, and among alligators in Hilton Head. Then in May I found out I got into the St. George Marathon! Cool! I had been working on building my base up to 40 miles per week. I was ready to get back on track (both figuratively and literally). I chose the Hanson Marathon Method as my program and was looking forward to a nice PR come October. Over the summer I ran in Santa Fe, Pittsburgh (Go Steelers!) and Canada for the first time (Separate trips, of course). I even ran the streets of Manhattan without forking over any moola to the New York Road Runners.

The Hanson program kicked my arse, but I loved the challenge. I loved having a strict schedule and running six days a week. I didn't love not racing. It was strange not knowing whether or not I was getting faster.

I unexpectedly ran another 24 hour 200 mile relay race in September and then finally the marathon! I didn't run sub-3:30 as I'd hoped, but it was a beautiful, deceivingly challenging course and I PR'd and BQ'd for the third time around. Not too shabby. I'll take it.

I took it easy for the rest of October. When November arrived, I decided to start building again. I recruited a bunch of fellow runners to do the Runner's World Holiday Streak with me. And here it is, New Year's Day which included the now annual Hangover Run with my two favs, The Petite Pacer (TPP) and The Emerging Runner. What better way to start the year! We ran five loops in Eisenhower Park with about 400 others and then warmed up at Starbucks where we exchanged holiday gifts and sweet nothings.

...so happy together...
me and you and TPP...
the only one for TPP is you and me and TPP,
so happy together...

Sunday (12/13/15) - 1 mile, 9:00 pace with Sanibel

Monday (12/14/15) - 8 miles, 1:07:17, 8:25 pace

Tuesday (12/15/15) - 6.2 miles, 51:49, 8:21 pace

Wednesday (12/16/15) - 5.92 miles, 49:55, 8:26 pace

Thursday (12/17/15) - 6.02 miles, 51:37, 8:34 pace

Friday (12/18/15) - 7 miles, 1:01:19, 8:46 pace

Saturday (12/19/15) - 6.1 miles, 52:40, 8:38 pace

Sunday (12/20/15) - 1 mile with the 4-year old and 6-year old. As in, they both ran. As in, the 4-year old ran like the Energizer Bunny!

Monday (12/21/15) - 8 miles, 1:11:23, 8:55 pace

Tuesday (12/22/15) - 8 miles, 1:09:46, 8:43 pace

Wednesday (12/23/15) - 6 miles

Thursday (12/24/15) - 4.13 miles, 35:21, 8:34 pace

Friday (12/25/15) - 1 mile with the 4-year old again. This time she stopped a couple of times for a breather, but she recovered quickly and sprinted home for the win!

Saturday (12/26/15) - 10.24 miles, 1:29:46, 8:46 pace

Sunday (12/27/15) - 2.07 miles, 20:15, 9:47 pace with The Kid on his bike.

Monday (12/28/15) - 8.01 miles, 1:07:19, 8:24 pace

Tuesday (12/29/15) - 5.02 miles, 42:35, 8:29 pace

Wednesday (12/30/15) - 7.02 miles, 1:00:17, 8:35 pace

Thursday (12/31/15) - 6.3 miles, 54:59, 8:44 pace

2015 Total Mileage - 1,762 miles - The most miles I have ever run in a year to date. Twenty miles more than 2013. Bring it on, 2016!

Friday (1/1/16) - 5.02 miles, 43:04, 8:35 pace