Tuesday, January 19, 2016

LIVE From Long Island!

3 things:

    1. I am officially a Certified Personal Trainer - Exercise Fitness Specialist after passing my nationally accredited Academy of Applied Personal Training exam. I will also be receiving my TRX certification at the end of the month and my Run Coach certification from the USATF. I might have an addiction to certifications or school or both.

    2. My coaching website is LIVE and coincidentally, from New York. Go to www.myroadfitness.com to be trained or entertained or preordained (not really). I promise you won't be pained (well, maybe a little. In fact, you may be pained reading this. Sorry).

    3. I am registered for Marathon #6, the Shipyard Maine Coast Marathon on Sunday, May 15. This is a small race with a cap of 1,000 runners. It is a rolling point-to-point race along the Atlantic coast. My good friend, Edison, will be running it, too. It will be his first and I will be his trainer. I will be following the Hanson Marathon Method again because I didn't like it the first time around. I loved it. Okay, love may be too strong a word. It was a good fit for me. Edison will be following a much more moderate plan. I don't think Hanson is the best plan for first timers who are not already experienced , accomplished runners.

Other news since we last rendezvoused: I'm up to 45 miles per week; I ran with a nice group from Life Time Athletic in Syosset one evening; I took a killer TRX class that my friend Jeanne taught at Forever Fit out east (Do not be fooled by her sweet disposition. Actually, she is truly sweet, she just happens to be a hardcore bad ass when it comes to working out, but that's exactly what I want in a trainer); and it's finally beginning to feel like winter on Long Island.

From our website photo shoot 
at SUNY Old Westbury.
Pictures courtesy of Hoan Nguyen
friend & photographer extraordinaire.