Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer Streets in NYC

Sunday - (8/9/15) 10.01 miles, 1:28:50, 8:53 pace

Monday - (8/10/15) 7.96 miles, 1:18:56, 9:55 pace - I did this run with The Petite Pacer (TPP) in her neighborhood. The course was scenic with steep hills along the water on the north shore of the island.  TPP gave me some priceless tips on how to run downhill properly.  Basically, instead of pumping my arms forward as I would running uphill, I pumped them behind me for downhill.  It felt awkward at first, but it worked!  I felt no quadriceps soreness in the following days.  It's nice to run with an experienced physical therapist who also happens to be a fantastic friend.

Tuesday - (8/11/15) 10.18 miles, 1:23:59 8:15 pace - I ran 1.5 miles to and from the gym so in the end I was "surprised" to have run over 10 miles.  That morning when I glanced at the Hanson schedule which called for 6x1mile/400 recovery, I had it in my head that I was only going to run around 7.  I forgot about the warm up and cool down.  My mile pace alternated between 7:19 and 7:24.

Wednesday - (8/12/15) Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday - (8/13/15) 9.01 miles, 1:11:23, 7:56 pace - My last 8 mile tempo run!!! Oh wait, it increases after this... Here are my splits which are all over the place:


1.0 mi08:35 min/mi00:08:34
2.0 mi07:53 min/mi00:07:52
3.0 mi07:54 min/mi00:07:53
4.0 mi07:47 min/mi00:07:46
5.0 mi07:37 min/mi00:07:36
6.0 mi07:52 min/mi00:07:51
7.0 mi07:58 min/mi00:07:58
8.0 mi07:56 min/mi00:07:54
9.0 mi07:40 min/mi00:07:39
9.0 mi10:04 min/mi00:00:07

I only do a warmup mile for the tempos only because by the end I am so thankful to be done!

Friday - 7.43 miles, 1:06:12, 8:55 pace - I did this at 5pm which was nice because I was able to catch some shady streets in the 84 degrees

Saturday - 16.56 miles, 2:34:24, 9:19 pace - Last Sunday KWL (aka, New and Improved ER) told us about  "Summer Streets" in NYC where they close off about 7 miles of Park Avenue/4thAvenue/Lafayette from 7am-1pm from cars for three Saturdays in August.  I couldn't wait to take advantage of this unique experience so I decided to switch my long run from Sunday to Saturday.  I met KWL at his house in Queens and he drove us to the Queens side of the 59th Street Bridge where he parked his car.  We ran across the bridge, feeling quite groovy (See what I did?), west to Park Avenue, up to 72nd, back down to the Brooklyn Bridge, back up to 72nd, east and south, and then over the Queensboro bridge again.  We added in a couple of intervals when some of the lights that were open to traffic were changing to red. My Map My Run app was acting screwy so I ran by KWL's GPS. I ran the last couple of miles at a faster pace than the 9s we were averaging because KWL passed me on the bridge while I took a couple of pictures (See Note below). I tried to catch him, but couldn't until he stopped at the end of the bridge. However, my time was probably about 3 minutes faster than his GPS because I finished ahead of him at the end. It was such a fun experience to be running the city streets like that, especially since I've never run the NYC Marathon! It was also great hanging out with KWL again.  Our paces are paces are right in line with each other.

Total - 61.1 (Yes, I like my .1s and .01s) - Highest weekly mileage ever for me!

Note:  I have some fun pictures from this week that I'm having trouble uploading because my MacBook is broken and I'm using Pete's computer.  I hope to upload them later, but I want to get this out since it's already past my self-imposed deadline.


  1. New and improved??? Ouch. Wait, you're right. Nice Simon and Garfunkel play there. That sounds like a great experience running the summer streets route.

    1. 'twas. I imagine it's like running the marathon, minus the cheering crowds which was a disappointment. Next year when I run Summer Streets, I think ER & family should stand along Park Avenue with homemade signs of encouragement while I run. I'll even high-5 the kids.