Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Missed A Run, But Not That Much...

Sunday (7/26/15) - My first missed run during this training cycle.  I felt very guilty, but my soreness and sheer exhaustion from the Urban Mudder and lack of sleep superseded the guilt.  It was only a 10 miler, I told myself.  To feel better, I popped open a nice cold beer.  The guilt magically went away.

Monday (7/27/15) - 8.01 miles, 1:13:16, 9:09 pace

This is what I almost look like after a sweaty run,
except for the inappropriate smile, obviously.  

Tuesday (7/28/15) - 7.09 miles, 58:43, 8:17 pace - 6 x 800m intervals at 5-10k pace with 400m recovery.  I did this workout at the gym because it was freaking hot and I didn't wake up early enough to get outside when it was cooler.  Watching reruns until 1am is not conducive to marathon training.  Damn you, Golden Girls!  Just the mile and a half to and from the gym soaked me with sweat.  I looked like I took a shower with my running clothes on.

How can you pick a favorite
Golden Girl?  
I love them all.

Wednesday (7/29/15) - Off - I thought about doing an easy run to make up for Sunday's missed workout.  I couldn't decide how many miles would constitute an easy makeup run, so I stopped thinking about it.

Thursday (7/30/15 Happy 9th birthday, Santos!!!) - 9 miles, 1:11:56, 7:59 pace - 8 miles tempo run with a 1 mile warmup.  First of three 8 mile tempo runs.  Carbo loaded with giant buckets of popcorn and Milk Duds at the Pixels movie with a bunch of little kids.

Lord Tyrion, I mean Peter Dinklage, I'll watch you
in anything!  Even an Adam Sandler movie.

Friday (7/31/15) - 7.12 miles, 1:02:50, 8:49 pace

Saturday (8/1/15) - 8.05 miles, 1:10:46, 8:48 pace - Dropped the two little ones off at my mother's and ran through Manhasset. It was nice to get some hills in, finally.  I prefer running up there, the streets are quieter, the homes are nicer, the sun is brighter, the grass is greener, and it's fun to literally run down "Memory Lane".

The gazebo on Plandome Road.
Isn't it purdy?


  1. what kind of beer? (notice that's all I'm interested in at the moment..)

  2. Replies
    1. Fabulous, as always. The movie is pretty low brow, except for him. He raises the bar at least 10 IQ points.

  3. This is what I learned from this post: You are a beer swilling, sweaty, Golden Girl loving Milk Dud addict and north shore snob.

    1. Since you've inferred that I'm a Golden Girl more than once I'm assuming that means you think I'm awesome. So thank you.

    2. Happy Birthday Santos!

    1. Outright telling you that you're old is not an inference to Golden Girlage. You sir, are no Sophia Petrillo. It's taken you this long to figure out I'm a north shore snob? And beer swilling?

      Santos says, "Grassy ass". That's autocorrect for "grassy ass".

    2. I thought it was autocorrect for Assbutter.

    3. Sorry, I meant it was autocorrect for poison ivy rash.

    4. Beer swilling? If its before a run, its carb loading. If its after a run, its a recovery drink. Get with the program.

    5. Exactly. Wake up and smell the hops, ER!