Monday, August 10, 2015

Hanson Marathon Method, Week 10 - The Great Gatsby Run & Other Hijinks

Sunday (8/2/15) - 15.24 miles, 2:15:03, 8:52 pace - Long run up on the north shore.  I started at 12:30pm from my parent's house and ran up into Great Neck.  One big hill, Grace Avenue, from East Shore Road.  I made a right onto Middle Neck Road and headed into Kings Point, also known as The Gold Coast, where large mansions on the shore of Manhasset Bay are tucked in from the road.  No other runners were out, they were replaced by teenagers cruising in luxury convertibles.  They were nice enough not to run me over, and a couple even waved ("Ah, look at the peasant who can't afford to ride in a car so she must run in this heat.  Does anyone have a piece of bread to throw at her?").  By the time I circled back to Northern Boulevard in Manhasset, I had already hit ten miles.  I did the remaining five in the hills of South Strathmore.

1.0 mi08:55 min/mi00:08:55
2.0 mi09:19 min/mi00:09:17
3.0 mi08:40 min/mi00:08:40
4.0 mi08:56 min/mi00:08:55
5.0 mi08:56 min/mi00:08:55
6.0 mi09:05 min/mi00:09:04
7.0 mi08:45 min/mi00:08:44
8.0 mi08:51 min/mi00:08:50
9.0 mi08:56 min/mi00:08:55
10.0 mi08:44 min/mi00:08:43
11.0 mi09:18 min/mi00:09:16
12.0 mi08:44 min/mi00:08:44
13.0 mi08:49 min/mi00:08:48
14.0 mi08:38 min/mi00:08:30
15.0 mi08:28 min/mi00:08:16
15.2 mi08:32 min/mi00:02:07

Monday (8/3/15) - 6.33 miles, 57:47, 9:08 pace - Local loop.  My quads were gloriously sore from the hills the previous day.  Yes, I actually love hills and will seek them out when I can.

Tuesday (8/4/15) - 6.72 miles 55:09, 8:12 pace - Ran 1.5 miles to and fro the gym for my 3x1600m intervals alternating between a 7:19 & 7:24 pace.

Wednesday (8/5/15) - Off (Thank God!)

Thursday (8/6/15) - 9.01 miles, 1:10:29, 7:49 pace.  The dreaded tempo run was successful, once again, despite two bathroom stops.  Wednesday nights I always fret whether or not I'm going to be able to keep my pace the next day.  After my warmup mile, I maintained an even faster pace than expected.  Whoo hoo!


1.0 mi 08:39 min/mi 00:08:39
2.0 mi 07:51 min/mi 00:07:50
3.0 mi 07:38 min/mi 00:07:32
4.0 mi 07:44 min/mi 00:07:43
5.0 mi 07:30 min/mi 00:07:29
6.0 mi 07:24 min/mi 00:07:23
7.0 mi 08:01 min/mi 00:08:01
8.0 mi 07:55 min/mi 00:07:53
9.0 mi 07:37 min/mi 00:07:37
9.0 mi 08:06 min/mi 00:00:07

Friday (8/7/15) - 6.46 miles, 58:43, 9:05 pace

Saturday (8/8/15) -10.22 miles, 1:32:58, 9:06 pace - I met the Emerging Runner (ER), The Petite Pacer (TPP), and ER's buddy, KWL, at Belmont Lake State Park. We ran the Dirty Sock 10k course and added a few miles around the lake.  TPP and I started out together, then KWL joined us, while ER did his own ER thing (whatever that is...).  The path in the park is  mostly packed dirt and gravel (hence, the "dirty socks") which felt great on the bones, however it required more effort than pavement.  It was nice to be in a new venue.  Afterwards, we found a Starbucks and went about our traditional pow wow. KWL is an easy fit to our gang (That's right!  I'm in a gang.  Of course, our gang more resembles The Little Rascals than the Bloods).

Our socks after running the Dirty Sock course.
Go figure!

L to R: TPP, She Is "Fixing" ER's Hat, ER,
the New & Improved ER


  1. I know you guys love KWL more than me and I'm okay with that. For the record, doing my ER think was FAITHFULLY running the Dirty Sock course.

    You probably shouldn't buy a Garmin GPS watch because it doesn't have a metric to record the number of bathroom breaks you take on a run and I know that's of key importance to you. Maybe your precious Apple has a version of its watch that does that.

    And I don't think the spoiled teenagers would throw bread at you because you don't look that much like a bird. Maybe a doe because you're doe eyed. But I doubt teenagers would know what a doe eats.

    1. We would have run the Dirty Sock 10k course if we were given proper instructions.

      Does eat a lot of pineapple.

  2. It was hard to explain the route with such a bossy impatient person leading us.

    Thank you for the fun, highly inaccurate, fact of the day about deer diets.

  3. What is your marathon goal time?