Monday, March 18, 2013

A Shimmering Light

I looked into hotels in and around the Fairfield race.  The Fairfield Inn, where I stayed twelve years ago for a wedding, is right down the road from Jennings Beach where the race begins and ends.  It is already sold out the night before the race.  The other reasonably priced option is the Marriott Courtyard in the town of Shelton.  The hotel is twenty minutes to the Fairfield train station where they will have shuttle buses taking the runners to the start.  Perfect.  They had an "advanced booking deal" for $99 per night.  Sounds good.  Oh, there's a catch.  You have to pay in full up front and you can't cancel.  Well, you can cancel, but you lose all of  your money.  Well, that's a shitty "deal", n'est-ce pas?  Of course, in typical Me fashion, I realize this after booking the room.  Luckily, when I immediately called the reservation people, they allowed me to change it.  I am now paying $10 more, but we have the option to cancel with no penalty up to 24 hours before check-in - the normal way.

Alicia and I are already getting giddy.  Mostly giddy about the race, but also a teensy giddy about just hanging out together.  Since our early twenties (Like, two years ago...cough...cough), this will be the first time we are flying solo, no husbands and no children in or out utero.   PARTY!!!   We will miss them dearly, but try to make do.

No run today.


  1. That sounds like a recipe for a very fun weekend. I've discovered that a couple of pints of Guinness the night before a race yields a great experience. Sometimes it even extends to race day!

    1. I was just at a St. Patrick's Day party this past weekend and my neighbor was explaining all the health benefits of Guinness. I guess it's true: Guinness is good for you. The night before might be too risky for me...

    2. I fully agree. My primary rule is "Never try anything new before or during a race: food, drink, shoes or clothing."