Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New England Half Marathon

I have been looking for a half marathon I can do in between Alicia, my friend who lives in Massachusetts, and Long Island, preferably near our college buddy in New Haven.  There is the Hamden Hills Half Marathon which is right outside New Haven, but it is on Memorial Day weekend.  Memorial Day weekend is off limits for our family for, at least the next 18 years due to travel soccer tournaments (sigh...wipe away tears).

I think I will do the Stratton Faxon Half Marathon in Fairfield, Connecticut.  It takes place on Sunday, June 23.  I have heard of this one before at race expos.  The reviews are favorable.  There only seem to be two issues:  the late start at 8:30am on a June morning and the hills (!).  I think the average time to complete 13.1 miles is probably about 2 hours (total guess).  Figure 10:30am at the end of June, it could very well be 70/75 degrees.  Not fun when you're running long distance.  If it seems races all across the country are getting hotter each year, they are.  Global warming.  Enough said here.  I'll save that for my When Are We Going To Stop Fucking Up Our Planet And Everything That Lives On It blog.

Hills.  I love hills in my training runs.  Hills during races?  Love might be too strong a word.  Despise might be more appropriate.  I looked at the elevation chart and they don't look too steep, however there are many of them.  Many meaning A LOT.  I'll  have to get to the north shore once a week to find anything taller than a speed bump.

We'll see how it works out.  So far Alicia is in.  I still need to check with New Haven College Buddy who has no idea we're even planning such an event.

No run today.

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  1. That sounds like a good half to run. It will be hot but with good hydration those temperatures are probably manageable. Love hills? Come run Bethpage! I ran there with my friend (also a hill lover) on Sunday and he loved the rolling course. PLEASE let me know when you start the When Are We Going To Stop Fucking Up Our Planet blog.