Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fairfield, Here I Come!

Yesterday I did my 7.46 mile route in 36ish degrees.

Today I went up to the north shore and ran 6.85 miles.  It was 38 degrees.  I tried to get in as many hills as I could.  The steepest being about a 325 foot gain, 100 feet more than the steepest hill on the Fairfield course (Note:  The aforementioned data may be a crock of shite.  I really don't know how to interpret the Map My Run Elevation Chart.  At the bottom of the chart it read a 325 foot gain.  What that means exactly, I just don't know.  If you know, feel free to educate me.  Danke).  I went up the hill at a snail's pace, but I make it point to always keep moving.  Don't stop.

On the way home, I saw a friend from high school who lives in Connecticut posted an article about the Stratton Faxon Half on Facebook.  Turns out they changed the course for the first time in ten years.  They basically eliminated the tough hills.  Most of the race will be run in the next town of Westport.  Because of the faster course, they expect the race to sell out quickly.  I was happy to hear this, of course.  As soon as I got home I registered.

I'm excited about this year's races!  I ordered the Pfitzinger Advanced Marathoning book from the library (I do realize I said earlier that I was going to pforget Pfitzinger because of the high mileage.  I changed my mind.  He has numerous programs.  I am going to try the one that peaks at 55 mile per week.  I know Higdon has worked for me in the past, but he is great for beginners and beginning intermediates.  I think I am ready to kick it up a notch.  Many people have had success in reaching their goals with the Pfitzinger plans.)  Once I get it, I will figure out my training schedule for the full and where my half fits in.


  1. No hills sounds good, now that everything is a "go", I need to kick it up a notch. Snow is my biggest obstacle, good news is I bought new running sneakers. Do you have a brand you prefer?

  2. Adidas all the way, baby. I've been running in them for over 20 years. They have never failed.

    Thanks for posting, "ANONYMOUS"...

    :o) I am psyched!