Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

I ran 6.76 miles this morning.  The first 2.76 miles were run in the local park with Pete, Baby Girl, and Dog, and then I did my regular 4 mile road run solo.  Running in the park feels good on my bones, but this particular park has some "downsides".  Pete constantly asks me why I don't take the dog and baby running in the park while he's at work.

Reasons for not going to the park while he's at work:

1.  There are bat "houses" in the trees.  This means that bats live in those houses.

2.  The wingless, but just as horrifying, cousins of the bats.  Over the years I have seen mice and chipmunks running alongside the path with me.  Pictures of mice are unnecessary.  

3.  A few years back during a local drought, the park's reservoir dried up.  Numerous guns were found on the reservoir bed, many with their serial numbers shaved off.  

4.  I have heard about at least one dead body found in the woods of this park.  

I'd rather take my chances on the streets.  Also, what does it say about my husband who insists I run in these conditions?  It is now officially documented.  Just in case...


  1. OMG, where is this park?? You post was hysterical - thanks.

    1. Hempstead Lake Park. Enter at your own risk.

  2. Ok it has taken me a while to finally post; the drawbacks of living in the woods is HughesNet internet at a>nail's pace. First we know how much I love the title of this post, one of my favorite quotes (or song lyrics, whatever you want to call it). But seriously, to address your husband wanting you to run with dog and baby( which I love both)I feel that running is for the runner. I myself a novice runner, enjoy the time alone inside my head. This is time for thoughts and to be alone and can understand that bats and weapons can add fear during a time that she be for you.

  3. Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you're born, the loveliest of all was the unicorn.