Sunday, March 10, 2013

They're Called Sidewalks, Not Sideruns

6.64 miles at 2pm, a cooler afternoon than I expected.  I took Baby Girl in the jogger stroller.  I was hoping to do about 8, but even on a Sunday afternoon there are a lot of cars on the roads.  When I take her I am somewhat limited with my routes.  There are some streets with no bike or parking lanes whatsoever, too dangerous to run with a big stroller.  Even when I am running in the bike lanes against traffic like I'm supposed to, I still get glaring, annoyed, disapproving looks from some drivers.  Maybe if they got off the phone, stopped texting, or paid attention, I wouldn't have to give it right back to them.  The best is when some drivers turn their heads to look at you, at the same time turning their steering wheel, and then almost run you down.  Really?  Your hands don't move independently from your neck?  I avoid running on the cement sidewalks except when absolutely necessary.  The cement is terrible for your bones, but also the sidewalks are so uneven you risk tripping or waking a sleeping baby.  Yes, Baby Girl fell asleep within the first mile and didn't wake up until we arrived home.  Whoo hoo!

Dead rat on Raymond Street.  Note to self:  Never ever go on Raymond Street.  Ever.

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