Monday, April 1, 2013

Another Eggsciting Car Ride

Today is Easter (Happy Easter!  To those who don't celebrate, Happy Sunday!).  We went to breakfast and then the kids hunted for eggs at the hotel organized Easter event.  Then back in the car for another nine grueling hours.  No time for a run down the bunny trail.

I am still deciding what marathon to do in the fall.  Atlantic City made my list only because of the proximity.  Many people have said it should get nixed, though.  Reasons being unavoidable wind, boring ten miles of boardwalk, likely rain, and creepiness (shudder).  Atlanta made the list because one of Pete's closest college friends lives there.  He's more likely to support the whole marathon weekend if there's something in it for him.  I'm still not completely sold, the number one reason being the hills.  As much as I like challenges, and even though I PR'd on the hilly Baltimore course, it was still a little nerve-racking going into that race not knowing what to expect.  As I've said before, hills can be subjective.  One woman's hill is another's pancake.  Not one person referred to the Atlanta course as a pancake in any of the reviews I read.

Some have suggested the Anthem Richmond Marathon, also known as "The Friendliest Marathon".  What's not to love with a reputation like that?  Richmond was last year's fallback for a lot of marathoners after New York City was cancelled.  It's flat, fast, and about a six hour car ride from Long Island.  After this road trip, I'm not sure I want to drive farther than 40 minutes anywhere ever.  Make that 20 with the kids.


  1. Isn't it funny how we choose our races based on the level of discomfort they provide? A non-runner would probably not understand the idea of suffering voluntarily. I almost suggested your skipping Atlantic City in an earlier post due to the creep factor. Too bad, since it's near the ocean. Why not look around NE or upstate NY? Shorter drives and beautiful surroundings. Of course you'd probably have to deal with big hills. The ARM is sounding like a good choice.

    1. You DID suggest that it's kind of a creepy place for kids! I think your hellion past is affecting your memory ;o)