Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hood to Coast Movie

I did a 5 miler yesterday.  It was 65 degrees, warm enough to wear both shorts and a t-shirt.  Today was Tempo Thursday.  Almost 4 miles in 30:56, a 7:48 pace.  Overcast and in the 50s, perfect running weather.

Yesterday the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon sold out.  Last year they sold out in July.  I have a feeling what happened in Boston played a role in the quick sellout.  The Mohawk is known for being a great Boston qualifying (BQ) race.  I think the attacks likely inspired more people to want to run Boston next year to show their support and the country's resilience.  I know that's why I'll be there.

I watched the Hood to Coast movie.  The filmmakers followed four teams:  One team honoring a 30 year old family member who passed away the year before from a congenital heart condition; Dead Jocks In A Box is a team of "over-the-hill" elite male runners (I thought they were creepy, like desperate old pervs); Heart And Soul are  a group of Masters women, including a 67 year old who almost died on the course the year before from a heart attack; and my favorite, Thunder and Laikaning, a team of young animators who "trained" for the race by running a total of three miles, sitting around, and drinking beer.  The documentary was well made and really gave you a sense of what the 197 mile relay race is like.  In fact, I'm a little nervous about it now.  Nervous about being over tired by my third and final leg and also  possibly losing my team since I really don't know any of them.  I'm going to suggest we all wear Big Bird costumes.  I hope they go for it.

My very long stride will be a great advantage.


  1. Have you ever seen the guys who dress like giant bananas when they run Cow Harbor? They're a riot. They're fairly fast runners, but they always stop at people's houses to drink beer along the way.

    1. Were they at the 2012? I don't know how I could have missed them..