Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scarlett Fever

Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training Program called for a 3 mile run today.  I went out with some friends in the city last night and we wound up dancing like crazy teenagers until 2 in the morning.  I was up fairly early this morning for a birthday party, but made sure  I got dressed in my running attire (Part of my psychological commitment to the run).   A few errands had to be taken care of in the early afternoon, and then my eldest's soccer game at 3pm.  By 4:30 I was ready for a nap, but instead started preparing dinner.  Let's just say the run never happened.  No commitments for most of the day tomorrow.  After sleeping in, I will attempt my ten miler.

Tomorrow is another day...

1 comment:

  1. Dancing is a form of exercise so, technically, you trained. Channeling crazy teenagers probably increased your calorie burn even more. Hope you were able catch up on your sleep. Good luck with the ten miler!