Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On The Right Track

Yesterday morning I went out for a slow 5 miler.  It was chilly again, 34 degrees.

This evening called for speed work.  All I needed was an available track, which during the school year, is almost impossible to find.  I dropped my daughter and her friend off at soccer practice at 5:30, then scoped out the middle school track.  Occupied.  I then checked out the high school.  Occupied.  I decided to go home and eat some chicken.  Afterwards, I went to Home Depot to get a new refrigerator water filter and wainscoting, neither of which were in stock (More about this on my upcoming My House Is An Eternal Money Pit blog).  Striking out everywhere.  By now, it was almost 7.  I knew Sana's track team was finishing up their practice at the high school and the track would be available to the public.  Yay!  I, finally, was able to get in my 8 x 400s (8 laps at 5-10k speed and 8 laps at a comfortable jog).

Postscript:  My three year old is sitting on my lap as I type.  She just pointed out the "track" marks on my left arm.  No, Sweetie, your mommy is not a heroin addict.  Her Yurbuds arm band just constantly rubs up and down her arm as she runs, leaving unattractive, hypodermic needle looking scars.  Lovely.

No, this is not my audition tape from "Requiem For A Dream".


  1. "I decided to go home and eat some chicken." I'm sorry, But that's just an awesome piece of writing.