Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good Reads

5.02 miles

Okay, remember when I was giving unsolicited advice on how to run a marathon?  I wrote that if you're realistic about your fitness level, start out slow, then run the rest of the race by feel, you should be able to finish feeling great and meet your goal.  Well, there's a genius  article on Runner's basically saying the same thing [pat pat pat - that is me patting myself on my back].  The author, Amby Burfoot, is a Boston Marathon winner and the Editor in Chief.  I am very happy that I actually knew what I was talking about.

My friend sent me a New York Times article on the Barkley Marathons.  What is this, you ask?  Why, only the craziest ultra-marathon run by the craziest race director, Mr. Gary Cantrell.  It is 100 freezing miles in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee.  The race was inspired by the failed escape of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassin from prison (this tidbit might give you a sense of the director's mindset).  It is so difficult that less than two percent of people who have ever participated actually finish.   There is a lot of mud sliding, tunnel crawling, water wading in frigid temperatures.  The best part of the marathon is actually signing up.  Apparently, finding out how to do so is a feat unto itself.  Do I see a Barkley Marathon in my future?  Hell no (Unless I find myself in the hoosegow, of course).


  1. Two weeks until the Boston marathon and know an aquaintance running in it. Made me think of you for next year. We New England teachers are on April break the week of the marathon every year. Don't think I will go this year to watch, but thinking I will need to next year!! Spring is finally in the air and I love running this time of the year. Off today, so I am about to go for a 4 mile run. Keep truckin'.

    1. Spring and fall are the best! I hope you go to the BM next year!!!!!!!

  2. My brother told me he's running something called Colorsmacked where they throw colored powder at you throughout the race for some unfathomable reason. I don't really understand races that are about other things besides racing, like zombie chasers, obstacles, or freezing in the mountains. Perhaps I am just becoming a crank.