Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Are You Athlinked?

5 slow miles in 55 degrees this morning.

I saw this picture on the ING Runners Nation Facebook page.  I thought it was very cute and true.  I am a little obsessed with Athlinks.  They list most sporting event results and if they don't you can upload your race link to the site.  It is very easy to stalk people's results, not that I have ever done that...(cough cough).  Anyway, it can be a motivator to run a good race, knowing that your results will be out there for all to see (Or just for you to see over and over and over again...).

Speaking of ING, the application for the New York City Marathon will be online April 24.  I am going to apply (again) and not make a decision about my fall marathon until after I get rejected (Yes, in this case, the glass is always half empty).  Feel free to remind me to register on April 24, because as you know (or may not know), I will likely forget.  Thanks in advance.

I'm supposed to do a 45 minute tempo run tomorrow.  There's a thunderstorm outside right now (9pm) and the forecast for tomorrow is rain.  I haven't decided if I'm going to run anyway.  Running in the rain in the summertime is fun, but the temperature is already dropping.  Running in cold rain is the opposite of fun.  It sucks.

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