Tuesday, April 30, 2013

In Honor of Earth Day/Week/Month, My Town Is...

...cutting down trees.

4 mile tempo run in the sketchy park down the road at 9ish this morning.  It got very warm quickly.  I only needed a tank top.  Spring has finally sprung!

I noticed at the north end of the park where there were once woods, a construction crew had taken down most of the trees and were digging up the ground.  As much as I fear rabid bats dive bombing me during my runs, I got very sad that their homes are gone.  Were they relocated?  I would like to think so, but I don't really know.  It's actually quite depressing to me to see deforestation on any level.  How many species are we going to eliminate before karma decides to bite us in the arse (and everywhere else) and eliminate us?  I know I wrote a couple of days ago that I was dreading running 26.2 miles in a park, but that's only because I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and get bored after five minutes of doing pretty much anything anywhere.  I really love all things Nature.  I mean, that's why we run outdoors, right?  I'll spare you my (environ)mental rant.  If, however, you want to read more ranting, you can on my upcoming Revenge of the Earth:  A Planet Strikes Back, Bye-Bye Humans blog.

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