Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I didn't sleep well last night.  Pete went to work at 6am this morning.  When I got up for the day, I put my running clothes on with the best intentions.  He didn't get home from work until 3 in the afternoon and by then I was done for the day.  Oh well.

Runner's World posted an article about next year's Boston Marathon.  The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) has not decided what it will do about 2014's registration.  Last year the qualifiers had staggered registration over two weeks, the faster runners got priority.  When the time slots were over, there were still openings for another two weeks.  It's hard to anticipate what will happen this year.  Will more people want to run because of the bombings to show support and the city's resilience?  Will less people want to run out of fear?  And what about the 4,000+ people who were stopped at Mile 21 when they closed the course?  Do they get automatic entry?  If so, will most of them even want to run Boston again?  I will have to just wait and see.

I'm zoning out right now.  See you tomorrow!  Nighty night!  (I wish I had some cashews right now...)


  1. I'm guessing that demand for Boston will far outweigh supply in 2014.

    1. Nooooooooo! Say it isn't so! I didn't even pick up cashews at the store today!

    2. I love cashews ( or really any kind of nut, including you. Ha Ha!!) -The Nun

    3. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you're just friends with one.