Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm Too Lazy For My App...

...what you think about that?  (Are you singing that song too?)

I did 10 miles in 90 minutes up on the north shore.  I started at my mother's house in Manhasset, ran through Plandome to Port Washington, and then back home via Munsey Park.  I used the Map My Run app on my iPhone because I wanted to explore and look at the pretty homes on the Manhasset Bay.  I kept going down dead end roads in Plandome which was annoying.  There was one really long, steep hill in Port Washington (Richard Road) that reminded me of "Widow Hill" (James Street) in the Great Cow Harbor Race.  Overall it was a good, hilly run.  I think my pace was faster than the 9:18 that Map My Run recorded because I stopped for a phone call for a couple of minutes and forgot to pause the app.  I also didn't pause it while waiting for lights.  It's too much trouble to take it out of the arm band, enter the password, pause the app, resume the app, put it back into my arm band, blah, blah, blah...

My relay race is coming together.  We booked our lodgings and flights.  I'm psyched!  There's a documentary about the race called, of all things, "Hood To Coast"!  It's not available through our library, so I'm going to buy it through Amazon. I will watch it every night until the race.  Just kidding.  Every other night...  Did I mention I was psyched about this race? Oh, and Pete is not going to run.  It's too complicated for both of us to be either running or riding in a van for 18 hours while our four children are fending for themselves somewhere in the wild Pacific Northwest (Okay, that might be  a little dramatic, but you get my drift.)

Here's that song we were singing while reading this entry:

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