Saturday, April 27, 2013

NY Ink, Gangnam Style

Hello again.  I think this was the longest break I took away from the blog.  I've been busy, but honestly, there are days when I feel uninspired and really don't know what to write.  A daily diary about my mundane goings-on is stupefyingly interesting to myself, but maybe not so much to you, my faithful readers.  I appreciate you checking in with me, therefore I would like to at least try to make it somewhat worth your while.  That said, um...nothing really exciting has happened since we last met...except...

I got a couple of new tattoos!  Yes, tattoos are not for everyone (You know who you are!).  Personally, I love mine.  I put a lot of thought into what I am going to memorialize on my body.  I don't have any ex-boyfriends' names (Whew!) or passing fads (No Chia pets or Milli Vanilli here) or cartoon characters (Yosemite Sam and Foghorn Leghorn might have seemed "cool" for a week in college, but not so much the following semester.)  I got my first tattoo, the Korean flag, about twenty years ago (I'm half Korean, in case you didn't know).  I'd like to add this was done before every Tom, Dick, and Justin Bieber started getting inked.   I  have "four" on my right wrist symbolizing each of my offspring.  I put "four" in quotes because the last one (which was done two nights ago) is actually two Korean characters,  the translation of Baby Girl's name.

I also wanted to get a running related one for years, but couldn't decide on one.  I was considering the Korean characters for "mother" and "runner" or maybe something in Italian (Oh, I'm Italian too!).  I asked my wonderful Italian, Austrian, Vietnamese cousin for some translations and she came up with a Korean proverb, "Where there's will, there is a road."  Brilliant!  I loved it immediately.  Not only does it apply to running, but it is a philosophy I have always tried to live my life by and pass on to my children.  Whether it be good grades, a job, family, lifestyle choices, running a marathon, or running a faster marathon, I truly believe if you set your mind and heart to it, it can be done.

I usually am not one to flaunt my ink, however I LOOOOVE my new ones.  I feel compelled to share the good news!  So (drum roll) ta-da...

The new ink will over time look like the others.

So my last four tats were done at Tattoo By Richie in Elmont, NY.  I highly recommend this place.  They have been in business for over twenty years (This says a lot about a local, small business in today's economy).  Richie, the owner, did Baby Girl's name and the proverb.  Not only is he a talented, experienced artist, he is also extremely patient and down-to-earth, with a sense of humor to boot.  

I did another couple of slow 5 milers the day before yesterday and today.  Yesterday I took a second day off for the week to get back on my regularly scheduled programming (Also, I was tired).  Even though it was still a tad chilly this morning when I started out at 7:45, by mid run I was regretting the fleece I chose.  The weather looks like it might finally be getting better for the long haul.  90 minute run on tap for tomorrow.  I haven't decided where yet.


  1. Wow, this is a surprise!! The one on your back is so long. Did it hurt alot?

    1. It progressively more painful as he went down with the needle. Definitely, this hurt the most. But, I LOVE it! Worth every Ouch!