Thursday, May 2, 2013

Am I A Minimalist?

Quiet (No music) 5 mile run.  I took a different route today.  Sometimes a change of scenery is necessary.

I have two pairs of sneakers that I use regularly.  My Adidas Supernova Glide 5s I wear most days, then I switch them out for my Boston AdiZeroes for my long runs.  I'm due to replace the Supernovas, as much as I looooove them.  Under Armor posted a picture of Michael Phelps (Actually, just his feet) wearing a pair of minimalist running sneakers.  I kind of liked them.  I went on the website and saw the women's version.  I think I have to try a pair on.  I've never really considered getting minimalist sneakers in the past.   I see the shoes with toes and they just look strange.  I'm reminded of monkey feet or hand-feet (whatever that is), for some reason.  Not only do I have small, dainty feet (Two physical assets I feel comfortable boasting about.  The rest are not worth mentioning, unfortunately), but I also have short toes.  They would never fit into the hand-feet shoe-gloves.  Two races ago, also known as, two months ago, I got a 20% off coupon from the local running store in my goodie bag.  Maybe next week, I'll check out the Under Armors.  Hopefully, the coupon is still valid.

Women's Under Armor Micro g Toxic Six Running Shoe

Do you wear minimalist running shoes?  What are your thoughts about them?


  1. I've been running in minimal shoes for about two years and I much prefer them to traditional cushioned shoes. The original Kinvara was my gateway shoe, but then I switched to the Saucony Hatttoris until I wore them out. I now run in Kinvara 3's indoors and Brooks Pure Drifts on the road. I like the road feel of the Drifts and I find the energy return of minimal shoes is much better than heavier, built up models.

    Regarding Under Armor shoes, I would avoid them. UA makes very good athletic gear, but they don't have the engineering experience to make great running shoes. Their first line, introduced a few years ago was considered pretty terrible. If you are considering minimal shoes, I'd recommend you consider NB, Inov-8, Brooks's Pure line, or Saucony's more minimal models. Adidas also makes a very good minimal shoe, the AdiPure Gazelle.

    1. Well, I'm glad you responded before I went to the running store! Adidas is my true sneaker love, so I will definitely check out the AdiPure Gazelles. I admit, I love the look of the Under Armors better, but good looks aren't going to get me across the finish line faster...or will they (See Ed Norton and Natalie Morales marathon results)?