Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Starbucks Is The Enemy

I did five miles yesterday afternoon around 3.  It was pretty warm.

Pete has had crazy work hours this past week.  He went in early this morning.  I took the two little ones out to do errands and then rewarded them (and me) with a visit to Barnes & Noble.  We love hanging out in the children's section almost as much as we love the café.  I got my usual grande decaf skinny mocha.  I also got a triple chocolate chunk cookie (I know, the chocolate thing is a sickness with me.  I may have the discipline to get my arse out on the road to run twelve miles on 3 hours sleep and bird food, but not have a taste of chocolate for a day?  Impossible.  I am pretty sure I have had chocolate every day of my life).  We headed back home around the baby's nap time.  It turned out Pete was headed home too for a couple of hours.  Oh goody!  I can get my run in!

I set out to do my 6.4 mile route around 12:30.  A couple of minutes in, I realized I was wearing my "walking around sneakers" - (gasp) Nikes!  This surely was a sign of what was to come.  I didn't feel like going back home to change shoes and be delayed even more.   One run won't kill me - or will it? (Imagine dramatic music playing)  So I keep going.   I pass the local college (Hi bathroom I've used many times in the past, but will inexplicably pass up today) at around 1.5 miles and a church (Hello secondary bathroom I've also used on many occasions in the past, which is also quite clean.  Bye-bye secondary bathroom.) right before the two mile marker.  Then nothing but houses for two long, long miles.  Did I mention I had a mocha latte and a chocolate chip cookie bonanza?  My stomach at this point was mocking me.  Did I really think I could get away with a run after a coffee/chocolate free-for-all?  Poor, poor planning.  I had to call Pete at 3 miles and have him pick me up.  End of run.

TMI, you say?  I'm thinking we have all experienced this or something similar, as runners.  Now you are all relieved to read that it's not just you.  We have all been there, done that.  Right?  ...anyone?  I'm hearing crickets, but I'm typing this at night...

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