Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lions And Seagulls And Bears, Oh My!

6.4 miles yesterday and 5 this morning.  It's been chilly for mid-May at 9am, cold enough for pants and long sleeve shirts.

Now that May's race didn't happen, or should I say, happened without me, I need to find an alternative.  At the end of the month (Actually, the beginning of next month) I am due to run a 15k.  There is one Saturday of Memorial Day weekend in Lenox, Massachusetts.  It's a trail run in the Berkshires which sounds fun, right?  I figure since I'll be among 300 other runners, the chances of me getting eaten by a black bear decrease dramatically.  It is true that I have a fear of getting mauled by wild (and/or domesticated) animals, depending on what part of the country I'm running in (Florida = alligators, South Carolina = alligators and/or squirrels, Berkshires = bears, Long Island = bats, squirrels, and/or wild pit bulls, etc.)   I want to clarify that I am an animal advocate and lover.  Loving an animal does not also mean I am willing to be its lunch.  Anyway, participating in this event would require a weekend away.   Lenox is very close to our friend's camp where we usually stay, however there may not be any room that weekend.  The complicated logistics of a destination race need to be worked out.

The other choice is the Long Beach City Manager's 10 Mile Trophy Run which is the Sunday before Memorial Day.  I ran this race last year.  Even though it down poured for the first six miles, I was able to finish in 1:20:21, an 8:02 pace.  I was very pleased with this time.  It's a flat and easy course.  It's also only 15 minutes from home.  Easy peasy.  My biggest draw is that my buddy, "The Nun" will be in town that weekend and might possibly do it with me!  What's better than that?  (No bears in Long Beach, just a number of insolent seagulls.  Last I checked, seagulls don't eat people.  Just their lunches.  Sometimes right out of their hands.  Like my tuna fish sandwich in West Palm Beach.  Never.  Forget.)

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