Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good Vibrations

I have been having my usual pre-race doubts about tomorrow's 10 miler.  I had a very low mileage week and didn't run today or yesterday (Cold rain at the end of May is a perfectly legitimate excuse).

As we were leaving our house to go get some family friendly pasta at Olive Garden (I had the capellini pomodoro with shrimp, which was yummy), Pete noticed a package addressed to me at the front door.  It was from the Wampanoag Running Club.  Why it was my race shirt (Size small, no less) from the February Old Fashioned Ten Miler that was cancelled due to a snow storm!  Right after the race was cancelled the organizers sent out an email to everyone who registered explaining that not only will the race not be rescheduled, but we will not be refunded the entrance fee, nor will we get the race shirt we paid for.  And fuck you very much, too.  I was extremely annoyed at the time, but eventually new annoyances took its place and I moved on.  What a nice surprise (Three months later...)!  Better late than never, right?  And receiving it the day before another ten mile race?  I'm suddenly picking up good vibrations about tomorrow.

The Nun is going to come to the house at 7 in the morning and then we will head over to Long Beach for the 8am start.  Wish us luck.  I may not need it since I will be wearing my new lucky t-shirt.

Pterodactyl checking out my new lucky shirt.

Pre-race dinner


  1. Good Luck! I know you'll do well!

    1. Thank you! Why are you up so early on a Sunday morning?