Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sands Point

I went up to the north shore for my 90 minute run at noon.  It was around 67 degrees and sunny.  I decided to venture into Sands Point from my mother's house.  Running on Plandome Road into Port Washington becomes a little tricky because the road narrows.  I did a lot of sidewalk running.  The Port Washington dock overlooking Manhasset Bay is always a pretty sight.  I get nostalgic remembering my teenage years hanging out along the water here. Sands Point is a beautiful run because of all the gorgeous mansions (not so much when you have to go to the bathroom...sigh).  I took Port Washington Boulevard and Stonytown Road back to my mom's.  There were definitely some hills throughout the route.  I wound up doing 10.89 miles in 92 minutes and change, an 8:30 pace.  I'm very happy to have checked that off my weekend to-do list.

The Port Washington dock

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