Thursday, May 9, 2013

Glass Totally Empty

I got my 5 miles in yesterday morning a little after 7.  It was humid and gray, but I avoided any precipitation.  I did my 6.4 route this morning at 9.  Same weather as yesterday.

I keep track of my runs on Map My Run.  They changed their site once again, adding even more annoying advertisments.  I guess it's the price I pay for not actually paying the price.  If I upgrade their service for a fee, I can avoid the obnoxious advertisements.  It doesn't make sense for me to upgrade, though.  I map out new routes for mileage and keep a daily log on their site for free.  I really see no reason to pay for extras.  I appreciate the free service.  Making the free service so much of a nuisance, people buy memberships out of frustration, is douchebaggery (Sadly, you will not find this fine word in the dictionary) at its best.

On a more negative note, I am not feeling a PR for this Sunday's race.  I'm ill prepared for the 10k race distance.  Not enough 6+ mile runs.  I don't think the one 10+ mile run a week is sufficient for a PR.

On an even more negative note, I heard on the news today that more teenagers are dying from car crashes caused by texting than drunk driving.  Runners beware.

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  1. I use Gmaps to measure my runs (actually to compare the Garmin's distance to reality) and Daily Mile for logging runs. Neither have MapMyRun's annoying floating ads, which is why I switched years ago.