Saturday, May 25, 2013

The No. 1 Ladies' Running Group

My friend invited me to join her and some other running ladies, whom I had never met before,  for some sushi at a local restaurant.  I happily tagged along.  If there's one thing I love more than sushi, it's talking about running.  I have a few friends who run, but most do not.  They are always sweet and ask me about my training and races, but honestly I feel like I am probably boring them to death because I could go on and on about the topic (Proof: this blog).  It was so nice to spend the evening with some ladies who share this special bond.  They welcomed me into their group and treated me as one of their own (Like what a pack of wolves* might do with a lost runner in the woods, hopefully) .  One woman (you know who you are) and I are practically the same runner.   We ran in a lot of the same races at almost the same paces.  We are the same age, so either she'll place one spot ahead of me or vice versa.  It turns out she will be doing the Long Beach Ten Miler on Sunday too!  Running is such a solitary sport at times, I am really so glad to have made this connection with such a lovely group.  I look forward to seeing them again, either pounding the pavement or pounding the beers...

So I finally got my 6.4 mile loop in for the week yesterday.  After eating late and having a few drinks last night, I decided to put today's run off until the afternoon.  Lucky Unlucky for me, it started raining and didn't stop.  No need for me to get cold (High temperature of 55 today!  What the?!?) and wet on the first day of a holiday weekend.  I'll make it up tomorrow.

* (First Blog footnote ever) After rereading this, I realized this might seem like I am comparing these women to a pack of wolves.  They are more like lambs, only lupine on the race course.  The original comparison was made out of my totally justified fears of getting lost, getting lost alone in the woods, and wolves rejecting me as one of their own.

Seriously, who wouldn't be freaked out by these adolescent, topless, acting challenged, poorly scripted wolves?  (Besides 'tween girls everywhere)

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  1. I thought the same thing when I first read that comment about the wolves. Now I understand! :) Good Luck on the 10 miler!