Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shop Amnesia

I went to the high school track yesterday at around 6pm.  There was a father and son hitting baseballs on the field and a woman walking laps.  Pretty empty, but I wasn't complaining.  I did my 8 x 400s (8 laps at a 5-10k pace and 8 jogging laps) totaling 4 miles.

I was able to catch up on some much needed sleep.  My wonderful son made me breakfast in bed today because tomorrow we'll be rushing out the door at 7:30am for the Brooklyn 10k.  Afterwards, Pete and I did a short loop of the Sketchy Park trail at noon.  I noticed the construction crew that was cutting down trees on the north end of the trail did leave a bat house in tact on one of the last standing trees.  Yay bats!

I needed to get my eldest daughter some bathing suits for summer camp.  I went to TJ Maxx in Oceanside.  On the way to the girls' department, I "happened upon" the women's active wear.  They had some pretty good deals.  It would be a sin to pass them up.  Really.

Pretty much everything was 9.99 or 12.99.  Much better deals than Dick's and better selection than Modells.  

There weren't a lot of suits in my daughter's size (Oh yeah!  That's why I was there!) that she would be caught dead wearing, but I was able to find a cute red one-piece Speedo.  Perfect if she decides to join the swim team.  So on my outing to buy my daughter clothes, I wound up getting myself a new summer running wardrobe and suit.  Bad mommy!  I'll try Marshalls tomorrow.  Hopefully, I won't have to pass the women's active wear on the way to the girls' department.

Where do you get your running apparel?


  1. TJ Max and Marshall's are both great sources for socks, compression shorts and, occasionally, running shirts. Bargains all. I've had good luck with Target C9 stuff. Not everything is top quality but they occasionally offer items that rival the name brands at half the cost.

    For higher end gear I go to City Sport that offers a fuller line of stuff by Brooks, NB, Mizuno and Craft (an awesome, if expensive brand). Sports Authority occasionally has well priced running gear. Dick's at Roosevelt Field has great variety, but they are expensive. Modells sucks.

    My biggest frustration with the big box stores is that 75% of their running gear is either Nike, Reebock or Under Armor -- brands that just don't interest me.

    Aren't you glad you asked : )

    1. I am glad I asked, thank you very mucho. Where is City Sport? I love Brooks apparel and Under Armor (I ran around their factory in Baltimore during the marathon AND they gave us the coolest race shirt EVER).

    2. City Sports is in NYC. They have two locations (plus a website), one is on 36th/5th and one on 48th just east of 6th. My office used to be on 50th and 6th so City Sports was my great lunchtime escape zone. They had a rewards program that I used extensively - got a $70 Craft running shirt for a total cost of $6.25 (discount + sale price + CS Rewards bucks + free shipping to store). I also bought my favorite cold weather running pants there. It's their own brand, CS. As good as any major brand, typically 75% of the cost.

      Best of luck on the race today!

    3. I told you I go to Marshalls. Used to buy few things from Athleta but too expensive. I also shop at Olympia, they have good sales and good clearance rack (Do you have them in NY or is it just a Massachusetts store? -The Nun