Sunday, May 19, 2013

Running On Empty

I headed out yesterday around 7:30am for my one hour forty-five minute run.  We were having a barbecue at the house in the afternoon and still had a lot of preparations to take care of, so I decided to stay close to home.

I ran to Lakeview Avenue and took that across to Malverne.  Instead of heading north, I went south through Lynbrook on Broadway.  This was a nice stretch, not too commercial.  Eventually, I made it down to East Rockaway Avenue in Hewlett Harbor.  The road is pretty narrow on this stretch.  There are some pretty homes.  I think Pete's childhood buddy lives close by.  I made a cautious left on Atlantic Avenue.  I knew I had to take Atlantic, but I could have sworn East Rockaway Ave turned into it.  I just hoped for the best at this point.  I was pretty tired.  I hadn't slept well (again) and also didn't eat for the occasion.  I seriously need to get carbs back into my life.  My bones felt achy and eighty-five year oldy (if you read it in print on my blog, of course it's a word!).  I regretted leaving my cell phone at home.  What if I get seriously lost and wind up running miles out of my way?  Will I be lost forever?  How would I get in touch with my family?  What will I eat?  Where will I sleep?  Will a pack of wild wolves take me in as one of their own or will they eat me alive?  Oh wait -- are those the train tracks on Sunrise Highway? Yay and phew!  Rather than go back through Malverne, I decided to take the path and sidewalk along Sunrise back to my neighborhood.  At some point Sunrise and Merrick Road cross.  When this happens, there's no sidewalk.  Sunrise is a major thoroughfare.  It got tricky, but I survived.  I made it back to my house in exactly 1:45.  I wound up doing twelve miles at an 8:43 pace.  Slow going, but considering I was running on empty, I'll take it.


  1. Do you run with a phone? I started to do that after finding myself lost and disoriented in the pouring rain with no money or phone (this was during a run, not my lifestyle at that time). I had no means of contacting anyone to come get me. I eventually figured it out, but have not run phone or cash-less since.

    1. I hear ya. During my last marathon training cycle, I got lost on almost every one of my long runs. I was so tired of the same routes, so I would venture off on new ones. I would end up running an extra couple of miles. I have been running with my iPhone, but the arm band rubs up and down leaving hideous scars. I think I do better without. The earbud wires annoy me too.

    2. I don't like running with earbuds either. It's very rare that I'll do that now. If you don't like using an arm band holder, I recommend the SPIbelt. It's not a good option if you look at your phone during a run, but otherwise it's the least intrusive method of carrying stuff on a run.