Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Getting Hot In Here

Monday after the 10.112 Mile (That .112 is very important, don't ya know?), I did a 5 mile recovery run with the baby in the jogger stroller.  It was perfect running weather, cool and overcast.  Yesterday, it poured so I took the day off.

Today was speed work.  My schedule had me doing 3X1600s.  No track was available this morning, so I did some guess work on the streets.  I started off running for 2:30 at a slow, comfortable pace, then picked it up to a 10k/5k pace for 8 minutes and repeated three times.  My pickup pace was really supposed to be a half marathon pace, which I figured to be around 8:00-8:05.  I wound up doing the whole run at a 7:45 average.  Too fast?  Dunno.  This run seemed more like a tempo run than anything else.  Whatever.

So when I set out on my run this morning, the temperature was in the low 60s.  Not bad.  By the end, I felt overheated.  The warm weather has arrived.  It's supposed to be 90 either tomorrow or Friday.  What the fruck?  I'm kind of nervous about the forecast for our half marathon at the end of June.  I would welcome rain, if it's going to be Hell Hot.  This is the only instance where rain is a welcome relief.  My sister-in-law's brother just ran the Vermont City Marathon this past Sunday in the cold, pouring rain on ski mountains  (Remember it felt like March in metro NY?  It probably felt like January in northern New England!).  It was his first marathon.  If this was my first marathon experience, it very well may be my last.  I give him a lot of credit for persevering.

On a happy note, New Running Friend, Leah said there may be a spot for me in the Ocean to Sound 50 Mile Relay in September!  I'm psyched!

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