Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vitamin E and the Lazy Runner

6.35 miles at 7am in 30 degrees.  The run started off great.  Pink skies to the east.

Yesterday I had some annoying chaffing from the bottom band of my sports bra.  I will now share my ancient Chinese secret.  I put some vitamin E on it overnight and this morning...voila!  'twas healed.  I have been using vitamin E on scars, scrapes, and cuts since I was a teenager.  I buy a jar of the capsules, prick a hole in one and squeeze out the magic potion onto the open cut.  It may not work overnight, but after a couple of days your skin will be good as new.  It even works on scars.  This is not a secret, you say?  Okay.  How about baby powder magically removing sand from the beach?  That's more like an ancient Mommy secret.

A while ago someone in one of the Runners World Online Forums asked if there were any "lazy runners" out there.  People who love running 5, 10, 15, 20 miles, but in every other area of life, they're lazy shlubs.  Of course, I assumed this question was directed at me and me alone.  I was annoyed that this total stranger was exposing me to the (Runners) world.  He went on to describe two types of runners:  the Type A Runner and the Lazy Runner.  The Type A runs because he has all of this Type A energy bursting at the seams and he needs to release it somehow.  The Lazy Runner runs for the pure joy of it.  He doesn't want to walk over to the garbage can to throw out a diaper (preferring the 3 pointer from the bed), but he runs every day because this is what he loves and who he is.  This is who I am.  I love bounding out the door in my Adidas for an hour and a half and returning with that feeling of accomplishment and the "runner's high" that makes you feel invincible, if only for an hour after.  When it comes to Real Life Lazy Arse Me, forget it.  If I could lie around watching The Golden Girls marathons House Hunters International or Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations all day in my pajamas with unlimited popcorn and Milk Duds... I choose this.   I look fondly back on those days when I was younger and mastered the art of torpidity.  I was good at it.  Even now, it takes a lot out of me to go downstairs and get my bowl of ice cream and glass of milk after I'm already in bed.  The kids are much better at this feat.  They're spry.  Their legs don't mind the countless trips up and down those damn stairs.  I'm tired just typing about it.

And yes, I've perfected the 3 point shot from the bed.

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