Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lucy Legs

Ran 5 miles on a gorgeous, sunny 45 degree afternoon.  My knee felt fine.  I have been wearing a soft brace on it all day.   Sunday's forecast in Foxboro is 28 degrees with 20% chance of precipitation.  Not bad.

Lucy Liu is on the cover of Fitness magazine for the month of March.  She, of course, never had food issues (they never do), but says running is the quickest way to lose weight.  Thank you, Ms. Liu.  She loves the way her legs look as a result of running.  Without any weight training, running will define your quadriceps and calf muscles to look long and sinewy, even if you have short Asian legs like Lucy and myself.

During my last pregnancy, my weight peaked at 162 lbs.  I weighed 155 lbs. 6 oz. two days after I gave birth to my 6 lb. 10oz baby girl at the end of the summer of 2011 (I had always heard that a mother could lose up to 20 lbs. during childbirth.  I lost the exact weight of my daughter, not an ounce more or less).  Once Baby Girl was 6 weeks old I started running again.  I lost 45 lbs. by the spring.   Running does a body good.  Pass it on.

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