Thursday, February 14, 2013

Now what?!

Okay, so maybe that vicious dog on my last post wasn't a pit bull.  Maybe I just randomly picked a ferocious looking dog to justify my fear of running yesterday.  This real pit bull

doesn't look so bad, right?  The police never found the fugitive dogs.  They think they went home.  I guess that's reassuring, kind of not really.

So my excuse for not running today?

Stomach bug.  Sunday Santos was complaining of a headache at my mother's.  He was fine the next day.  Last evening after dinner, out of the blue, he ran frantically back and forth to the bathroom with a belly ache.  He was getting sick every which way until 11pm.  Right as he settled down and fell asleep, the virus decided it was my turn.   I have enough of a problem running uninterrupted on my own.  I don't need any assistance from a virus, coffee, ice cream the night before, etc.  I wasn't taking any chances.  Excuses are like...belly buttons?  Tempo run tomorrow,  for sure...unless...

The plus side is I will be well rested for my "fun run" on Sunday.

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