Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trophy Wife

I picked up my trophy from the Long Beach Rec Center today.  It is a step above the medals and plaques that are usually given out for the age group awards in other races.  I love it!

The morning didn't look very promising for a run.  It was rainy and very windy.  Lucky for me, Pete wasn't feeling well (unlucky for him, I guess) and came home around 1:30 to "rest".  I was able to get a 5 miler in.  I went out with the intention of doing 7+, but I had a caffe mocha from Starbucks this morning - 'nuff said.  I thought I saw P. Diddy by the dry cleaner's.  Is that possible?  No entourage, which makes sense if he wanted to lay low.  I should have snapped a picture of him or his imposter.  

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