Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dog Lane

8.29 miles in 40 degrees.  It started out overcast, but then the sun crept out at the end.  In the first mile I had to cross the street to avoid a giant dead (or was it?) possum.  Thank God I wore my contact lenses.  I was going to run partially blind without them because my pink eye was still going strong.  I surely would have stepped on the possum or be haunted by the closeup sight of it.  The distance felt good, but my toe bones started to ache.  That's happened a couple of times in the past.    I'm not sure what the diagnosis for achy toe bones is, but it passes.

I saw five dogs, three of which are worth mentioning, on one block in the next town over.  The first was an ADORABLE pit puppy (yep, I don't hate pits.  I actually think as puppies, they're the cutest dogs out there.  I just don't like it when they, or any breed, form gangs and roam the streets looking for human chew toys).  The pup was so cute I had no choice but to do a stop and pet.  Next I saw a beautiful white German shepherd.  A minute later I saw a man brushing his old golden retriever mix on the front step of their house.  The dog was patiently standing there during the primping.  She seemed to love the attention.

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