Thursday, February 28, 2013

Different Race, Same Distance

I signed up for the South Shore 5k in Oceanside on March 9.  I was going to run a race while on vacation, either in Charleston or Hilton Head Island for the month of March.  A race on Long Island close to home is nice and easy.    Subjecting my children to all the tedious logistics that are inevitable with a destination race while they're supposed to be on vacation too just seems unfair.  There are no other commitments the morning of the 9th that would interfere either.  It is meant to be.  Plus, this race is raising money for the Little League teams that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

This morning I did 5 miles and the temperature was almost 50 degrees!  I can smell Spring right around the corner.  I'm still running blind (Day Seven of Pink Eye) and somewhat deaf (Eminem must always be cranked up)...


  1. I've had the same thoughts about subjecting the kids to standing around waiting for me while I race, especially at a destination race. A few years ago we did a family road trip to Falmouth when I ran in a Cape Cod marathon relay team. That actually worked out well because we made it a "team event" and my kids followed our anchor runner for the last quarter mile to the finish line. But I agree with you that the local race will be a better choice.

  2. We love the Cape and MV! We've been in Falmouth many times during the Falmouth 7 Miler. I tried to get in through the lottery last year, but alas, I was not chosen. The route is so pretty. How was the marathon running with a relay team?

  3. It was a lot of fun. Here's my race report about it: