Thursday, July 11, 2013

What I Think About While Running

1.   I feel sluggish

2.   I'm cruising right now.  Too bad there's no awards ceremony back home.

3.   It's too hot to be running!

4.   It's too cold to be running!

5.   I wish it would rain.

6.   Fuck!  It's raining!

7.   Do I know that person driving toward me?

8.   Why is that person driving toward me waving?

9.   That asshole almost ran me over!

10.  I wish I had music right now.

11.  I'm so sick of the same freakin' play list.

12.  I wonder how many more miles before my body goes kaput.

13.  I would love to Forrest Gump across the country.

14.  I am so ready to race this weekend.

15.  How can I get out of the race this weekend?

16.  I am too fat, that's why I'm sluggish.

17.  I need to eat more so I don't feel so sluggish.

18.  I probably look so athletic right now.  People can't help but stare.

19.  I'm about to pass out.  Stop staring and help me!

20.  Is tomorrow my day off?

21.  I can't stop running.

22.  I hate it.

23.  I love it.  It's who I am.