Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Always Adidas

5 miles this morning at 7 with Baby Girl in the jogger stroller.  It was hot, but bearable.  The same guy in a minivan who gave me the encouraging fist pump last week did so again on Lakeview.  There's a fine line between nice and creepy when being cheered on by random strangers during practice runs.  I'm leaning more toward creepy.

I went to Lynbrook's Runner's Stop to finally use my 20% off coupon that was part of the Fly With the Owls goodie bag (What an awesome giveaway!).  I was hoping to try on some Brooks or Newtons, but they did not have my size (6, in case you want to send me a pair) in stock.  I went with Ol' Reliable, Adidas Adizero.  I love the color (They have a violet tint in real life) and this particular style has served me well in the previous training cycles.

They were $88.00 with the discount!  I had to buy some Power Bar raspberry gels, too, because Baby Girl opened the package at the store.

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  1. A good choice, especially for race training. I'm a dyed in the wool Brooks fan, although I also like NB and Saucony a lot. Never Nike or Under Armor, which I find both overpriced and ill-fitting.