Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fisher Cat, Friend or Foe? Or Feed Friend to Foe?

I got out the door yesterday morning at 7:35.  The streets were wet from an earlier rain and the air was damp.  Easy 4 miles at a 7:49 pace.  It was "kind of raining" when I woke up at 6 this morning.  By the time I left at 6:30 to do my 10 miler, the sun won its battle with the clouds.  Somewhere around 7 or 8 miles my right leg started to feel numb.  I was able to continue running, but it just felt weird.  I felt like I was consciously willing it to move.  Of course, whenever I experience anything anatomically unusual, I self-diagnose to the worst degree.  Numb leg?  Well, it must be the  onset of hip dysplasia!  My family will probably have to put me down.  (By the way, I just found out humans can get hip dysplasia too!)

I have plans to run most of my 18 miler on Sunday with my new running friend, Tova!  I don't normally run with others, except during a race.  I usually like to just zone out, but I'm looking forward to having company on my first long run of this cycle.  It will surely help pass the time.  That's the great thing about running with friends.  Also, I think Tova and I are pretty equally matched, pace-wise.  Don't mind my slow ass training runs, T.  Oh, and my emergency bathroom breaks.  I will try to keep the bathroom stops at a minimum, preferably non-existent.  You've been warned.

But before my 18 miler on Sunday, I'm taking the little ones on a quick getaway to visit The Nun and her family up in Massachusetts.  She lives very rurally.  How rural?  She has pet chickens and wild turkeys in her backyard.   I'm looking forward to running my 7 miler with her Saturday on dirt roads.   The threat of aggressive, texting Long Island drivers will be replaced by fisher cats, porcupines, and skunks.  Oh my.

Say hello to Mr. Nasty Fisher Cat.  I never even knew he existed until The Nun moved up north.  He's not warm and cuddly.  Note to Self:  When confronted with sharp teeth and beady eyes, run faster than The Nun.  Just kidding.  Heh heh.

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