Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sweet 16

I went up to my mother's house yesterday to knock out my 16 miles in my brand new, awesome Adidas Adizeros.  I started out at 6:15.  I ran my usual eight and a half miles through hilly South Strathmore, then returned to my mother's to fuel up with Gu and Gatorade.  I ran the remaining seven and a half through Plandome, Flower Hill, and Munsey Park.  I finished in about 2:28, a 9:15 pace.  My sneakers felt like I was running on clouds!

After I run more than ten miles or more (Okay, four miles or more), the last thing I want to do is walk any great distance (ten feet or more) the rest of the day.  When I got home, the family wanted to go to the beach at Robert Moses State Park.   Sitting on the beach for hours sounded perfect.  Making the trek from the parking lot to the water almost didn't seem worth it after the 16 miler.  The stretch of sand at Robert Moses isn't as bad as Jones Beach, but still.  Well, we got to Robert Moses and walked down the boardwalk to the sand only to find this:

Thank you so much, Mr. Moses, for rolling out the gray carpet for me after my long run!

Whoever invented "beach carpeting" deserves the Nobel Peace Prize or the Medal of Freedom.  Absolute genius.

My big mistake of the day was not eating properly after the run.  I had toast and grapefruit before heading off to the beach where I sat in the sun for hours while munching on chocolate chip cookies.  By the time I got home, I had the makings of a migraine (Part II from the day before).  I needed to go into the city for a friend's birthday last evening, so while I was quickly showering, I was also scarfing down two turkey dogs, buns and all (Yes, in the shower).  Luckily, this worked, as did the two vodka drinks at Café Gitane at the Jane Hotel.

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