Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Funeral For A Friend

Three consecutive days off were beginning to feel like three weeks.  I popped two CVS "Imodiums" this morning and hoped for the best.  I ventured into Oceanside for my "12" miler.  This turned out to be a regrettable decision.  A lot of traffic and too commercial.  Rush hour at 7:30am on Long Beach Road forced me onto the dreaded sidewalks.  I hadn't fueled up properly yesterday (A bowl of rice to calm the raging bull that was once my stomach) and paid for it toward the end.  I knew as I neared home that I was closer to eleven miles, but didn't have the energy to continue on for the extra mile.  My final result was 11.05 miles at an 8:33 pace.  Eh.  I'm just happy to be back.

Looking ahead, I found a September half marathon!  The Brooklyn Narrows Half falls on September 15, a month before my marathon.  This would be a good race to predict my marathon time.  I'm going to do a little more research before I commit.

And finally, it looks like "Pointer" Toenail on my right foot is about to make her departure.   I expect she'll be gone by the weekend.  We've had some laughter and tears together over the years, but alas, it is time to bid adieu.  Thanks for the memories, little one.

WARNING:  The following image may be graphic in nature.  Material may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13.  View at your own risk.

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