Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Pumped Up Kicks

5 miles in 35 degree weather.  Wore my new Uniqlo heat tech tank top (birthday gift from the Ks) under a light Old Navy fleece.  After the first five minutes, I was totally toasty.  The tank is perfect under a layer in 35 to 45 degrees.  I like the long sleeve Uniqlo turtle necks for under 30 degrees.  The first time I wore the turtle neck under a fleece, it was 27 outside.  After the first mile, I felt like I could have taken the fleece off and been fine.  When I returned home, I immediately went online and ordered two more.  Their heat tech technology absorbs your body heat and redistributes it back to you.  Not sure of the scientific explanation, but it's way cool (or shall I say "warm" -  ayuk! ayuk!).  $14.90 for a turtle neck and $12.90 for the tanks.  Need I say more?

Speaking of great gear, I also want to mention that I have been running in Adidas running sneakers for over twenty years and they have never failed.  I tried Nike a couple of times and they just don't seem to fit quite right (my toes would usually go numb or some other weird side effect).  This past marathon cycle I wore the Adidas blue Glide 4s with silver stripes.  Love 'em!  I'm now introducing my pink Adizero Boston 3s on my long runs.  The Bostons are very lightweight, like running on air.  Both sneakers purchases were made on the Running Warehouse website.  This site not only has discounted sneakers, but also clothing and accessories.  They have a great selection without a lot of unnecessary fanfare (kind of like my blog...).

I received a nice welcome packet in the mail from GLIRC (Greater Long Island Running Club).  It was reassurance that they received my payment.  I am now a bona fide member.  I even have a membership card with my own number (to sign in as a member on their website, perhaps?).  They were very solicitous for volunteers.  I hope to be able to help out.  I always appreciate the volunteers at the races and secretly think to myself whenever I see them at the water stops or finish lines, "Wow.  They are so committed to running, they're not even running in this race.  They must be fast."

I will leave you with the following.  Adidas not only has the best running sneakers,  they have "The Greatest" commercials too:

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