Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Miss My iPod

8.2 miles, 45 degrees and sunny.

The last two times I charged my little iPod shuffle, the voice warning me about a low battery was ominously still there.  I deduced that the battery is probably on its last legs.  Lucky for me, I just bought my Yurbuds iPhone armband (my 11 year old reminded me that my iPhone plays music too!).  After I figured out how to make it so only I could hear the music through the earbuds, instead of the world hearing the music from my phone, I embarked on my run.  Two songs in, I realize I only have about 15 songs on the phone, all of which are my daughter's.  8.2 miles of Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, and One Direction.  Throughout the run, I'm dreading that the last song heading onto my block will be "Firework" or "California Gurls" and I'll have to post it to this blog.  Thankfully, it was not.

I spent the last two hours since my return trying to delete and add songs.

Oh, if you're searching for decent music on your iPhone while running, it's probably a good idea to wear your armband over your sleeve, instead of underneath.  

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