Wednesday, January 9, 2013

To Brrrrrooklyn Or Not To Brrrrrrrooklyn

I'm debating whether or not to run the Brrrrooklyn Hot Chocolate 10K.  If I don't run it, I will miss out on racing in the month of January.  This will break my cycle of running at least one race a month since last May.  I decided too late on the Sayville 10 Mile Brew Run (sold out) and all the Long Island Winter Series races are closed.   The logistics for the Brooklyn run are a pain in the arse for me, as they are in most races more than a few minutes from home.  Annoyance number one is the packet pickup.  There is no race day pickup, so I or someone (meaning Pete) is going to have to get to Park Slope the day before between 3-7pm.  The race itself begins at 8am.  That's pretty early for a winter race, at least one so far away from my home.  If I bring the family, I'm going to have to rally the troops by 6am and be out the door no later than 6:45 (doable with 4 children, but not without a lot of crying - mostly, between Pete and me).  Kahn was kind enough to let me stay over her apartment in Battery Park the night before.  This would allow the family to sleep in a little.  They wouldn't have to leave the house until probably 7:45.  However, this also means that Pete would be in charge of rallying the troops alone.  Doable, but not without a lot of cursing, crying, and resentment - mostly, between Pete...okay, just Pete.  Another option is that Pete and the kids just sleep in and not worry about meeting me, which is totally fine too.  If this sounds like I'm blaming the NYCRuns coordinators for the fact that I live on Long Island and they had the nerve to plan a race I want to run in Brooklyn, well I'm not.  I want to run this race.   I think it will be fun to run the perimeter of Prospect Park (twice) and I'm looking forward to a nice cup of hot chocolate!  Anyway, I will likely do it and sign up before the week is over.

Looking ahead, on January 23 I am going to sign up for the Marine Corps 17.75K in Quantico, VA.  Running this race will give me guaranteed entry into the Marine Corps Marathon held on October 27, 2013.  I'm excited about this.  I've heard good things about this marathon and I love DC!  This is a crowded marathon with close to 35,000 runners.  I hope to break 3:40.

I did 6.37 kind of late this afternoon.  Arrived home to a pink and gray sunset.  Beautiful.

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