Friday, January 18, 2013

Honky Tonk Runner

Around 28 degrees.  Beautiful, sunny skies on a cold, brisk winter morning.  I did a 4 mile tempo run.  10 minutes at a relaxed pace, 15 at a 5-10K pace, and then a 7-8 minute cool down.  I guessed the times because I was already out the door when I realized I forgot my watch.  Annoying.  I run the same 4 mile route, so I know where my mile markers are and generally how long it takes me to get from Point A to Point B.  As far as my pace goes, I kind of guess by my exertion.  The tempo runs are part of speed work training.  In the past, I was doing track workouts for speed twice a month as part of my Hal Higdon marathon programs.  Track workouts consisted of 2 X 400s or 2 X 800s up to 9 X 400s or 9 X 800s.  To spell it out (because when I first started, I needed it spelled out for me), I would drive to the high school track or use the treadmill at the gym, when I had gym memberships (the highs and lows of gym memberships can be revisited at a later date).  The first lap around a quarter mile track (I've run on oddly measured tracks before and it's just too damn complicated for my math deprived brain) is run at an easy pace.  The next is run at a 5K pace.  Repeat however many times required.  These are the 400s.  Just double for the 800s.  I was told by some experienced runners that these track workouts can be injurious to (cough choke) older mature skilled runners.  Others have noted that unless your race is on a track, there's no reason to train on one.  I have kind of backed off on the track workouts in the past few months.  I will see how I do in the Brrrrooklyn 10K and then adjust accordingly.

Ran into L parallel parking in front of her regular coffee spot.

As far as posting on the blog is going, I write a quick note in the mornings after my runs, then later when I find the time, I will add some more content.  

I thought it would be fun to post the last song I hear on my runs.  That last song is notable because it brings you down that home stretch and adds some pep to your step.  Today Mick gave me the boost I needed.

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