Monday, January 28, 2013

28 is the new 75!

7.56 miles on a downright balmy 28 degree morning.  I went out around 7:15.   Some lady who was making a right turn onto the main road almost ran me over.  This is typical of drivers.  They are constantly looking left and when they see their opening they abruptly make the right turn, forgetting that there may be pedestrians, cyclists, or runners trying to cross the street.  The woman saw me at the last minute and mouthed sorry as she continued to drive, instead of stopping.  Uh...thanks?  At 3 miles, I decided I had to use the bathroom so I detoured home and then went back out on my 4 mile route.  My legs felt good.  They benefitted from that day off after the race.  Pete had to go into the city so the run wasn't as long as I had hoped.  The forecast for tomorrow morning is 40 degrees!  Crazy.

Pete goes away Wednesday for 6 days so I'm going to have to figure out how I'm going to get the runs in.


  1. Ha ha!! At 3 miles you had the runs!!! Lol love to read more abou your adventures.. Run Aimee... Run!!!!! Love you!!

    1. Edison. Edison. Edison. Thank you for your colorful comments. I think. Love you, too.